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Beyond Concealed Carry Course - Cincinnati Event

March 18, 2017 to October 14, 2017 - Cleves

6111 Morgan Rd.
Cleves, OH 45002

When you carry a firearm for self defense, there are specific skills you will need to learn to help maximize your odds of surviving a violent encounter. Whether you just received your permit to carry, or took a class several years ago, this course will help get you comfortable carrying routinely, as well as help you begin to develop the skills necessary to use your pistol effectively during violent encounter. 

This course continually reinforces firearm safety.  We will guide you through drills (both dry fire and live fire on the range) which have been carefully chosen to help you layer on critical skills.  We will provided you with individualized coaching, as well as "homework" that will help practice the skills you'll learn in class. You will leave with a solid understanding of the use of your personal firearm, as well as a personalized recommendation for training and/or practice drills to help you meet your defense goals.

This course will not only help you build critical skills, but it is an excellent foundational course for those that wish to pursue advanced pistol skill training, but don't quite feel ready to dive into full day, progressive training courses.

Beyond Concealed Carry Course Event Dates

March 18, 2017 / April 15, 2017 / May 20, 2017 / June 17, 2017 / July 15, 2017 / August 19, 2017 / September 16, 2017 / October 14, 2017
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