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Concealed Carry Course - Cincinnati Event

April 22, 2017 to October 21, 2017 - Cleves

6111 Morgan Rd.
Cleves, OH 45002

We do Concealed Carry training differently than most instructors. While ours is always led by certified instructors, and meets the State of Ohio Concealed Handgun Permit pre-application education requirements, we spend a significant amount of time focusing on real world skills...and have an entire program designed to help you move from a novice pistol shooter to a confident, skilled concealed carry permit holder.

This course continually reinforces firearm safety, guides you through both dry fire and live fire drills carefully chosen to help you layer on critical skills, provides you with individualized coaching, and prepares you for more advanced training. You will leave with a solid understanding of the use of your personal firearm, as well as a personalized recommendation for additional training and practice drills to help you meet your defense goals.

We make use of classroom instruction, skill development drills on the range, and individualized coaching to ensure student understanding and practical application ability is achieved in a concise time period. We also spend a significant amount of time ensuring you understand the legal responsibilities associated with defending yourself or a loved one with your firearm.

Concealed Carry Course Event Dates

April 22, 2017 / May 27, 2017 / June 24, 2017 / July 22, 2017 / August 26, 2017 / September 23, 2017 / October 21, 2017
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