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Dance And Acting Classes - Cincinnati Event

September 15, 2018 - Cincinnati

1425 Linn Street
Cincinnati, OH 45214

Date: Start September 15th 
Location: Carl Lindner Family YMCA, 425 Linn Street, Cincinnati, OH 45214
Ages: 7 - 12 Years Old
Registration Fee: $25.00
Class Fee: Each class is $150 per 10 week session or ALL 3 classes for $325

Class Details:

  • Drama - Drama Basic instruction on acting, stage movement, theatrical terms and definitions, awareness games, theater games, blocking (stage movement), character analysis, voice projection, anatomy of a theater, respect for the art of performing, dialogue and diction, and of course, having fun on stage.
  • Dance - Our classes encourage students to express ideas, feelings and the basic techniques of the art of dancing. Students will learn the importance of maintaining the body, exercise and nutrition. Instructors will teach timing, rhythm, meter, and introduction to dance terminology. Our focus teaches students to enhance communication, problem solving, creative and performing skills while having fun!
  • Vocal - Do, Re, Mi, Fa ,So,l La, Ti, Do is the bases of vocal training. But there is more! Our classes will expand the basics by teaching the importance of posture, ear-training, intervals, tone, rhythm, scales and so much more. These basic techniques teach students to value their first musical instrumentâ€"the voice. These fun-filled classes will encourage confidence, stage presence, focus and multi-tasking of skills and gifts.

Classes held in the aerobic dance and child watch rooms

Reminder: Please wear loose fitting cloths for all classes

Dance And Acting Classes Event Dates

September 15, 2018
Carl Lindner Family YMCA

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